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Here at The Massage Lounge, I want to welcome you to the exclusive massage club where you can guarantee yourself a massage every month for a recurring payment that comes out of your account the same day every month. 

Below is a list of membership options! p.s. If you are looking for The Recovery Lounge options scroll down.

Each option gives you a number of massages to redeem each month via a voucher in Fresha. Simply use the links above to the Fresha shop, purchase your plan and each month it will renew the same day. You can use your voucher in a month, just log into your Fresha account and book a service. See Fresha for terms and conditions and to see what massages are available. 

If you have problems using the system get in touch! 

Recovery Lounge

Welcome to The Recovery Lounge, your go-to for rest and relaxation. Our Recovery Lounge has membership options that start from 2 sessions per month up to 16. Check out our Fresha page for more information on prices and packages.

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