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Discover the power of oxygen at The Cardiff Wellness Lounge. Nestled in our Therapy Lounge, we offer a transformative Oxygen Therapy experience. Whether you choose our state-of-the-art EWOT system, indulge in seated oxygen therapy, or challenge yourself with altitude training, every session is complemented by exercise on our elite Peloton bike. Elevate your wellness journey with us and breathe the difference.


We have written detailed descriptions of each therapy on this page, feel free to spend some time learning more about our services here or head straight to our booking system by clicking the booking button above. 

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

Exercise while breathing highly concentrated oxygen.

Seated Oxygen Therapy

Relax on a chair breathing in high concentrated oxygen.

Altitude training for hikers 

Decide if altitude is right for you by simulating high altitude while gently exercising. 

IHT Training

Combination Therapies

Simulate high altitude environments while using our peloton system. 

Combine high, normal and low oxygen environments with bespoke training approaches.

So what is EWOT and how does it work? 

At The Cardiff Wellness Lounge, we offer EWOT sessions right in The Therapy Lounge, utilising our advanced Peloton bike.

Discover EWOT Therapy in Cardiff
Our approach is straightforward yet powerful. We employ a specialised oxygen bag infused with pure oxygen, which you inhale through a comfortable full-face mask. This takes place during controlled exercise sessions following a gentle warm-up routine. The goal is to elevate your pulse rate and breathing to a comfortable level, creating increased turbulence within your blood flow and lungs. This optimal environment encourages the maximum exchange of oxygen into your system.

Maintaining a Harmonious Balance
Your body has a remarkable way of balancing the carbon dioxide produced during exercise, maintaining a state of equilibrium known as homeostasis. In just around 20 minutes, a typical session achieves an increase in oxygen levels within both your red blood cells and importantly, the blood plasma. This surge in oxygen-rich blood circulates throughout your entire body, triggering a renewal process. Notably, the enriched blood plasma can penetrate tissues that are too minute for red blood cells to access, including the endothelium lining the blood vessels.

Transformative Benefits Await
After just a few sessions, significant enhancements in certain chronic conditions are frequently observed. Surprisingly, you'll experience a lack of muscle burn post-exercise, as the oxygen counteracts any accumulation of lactic acid. Our dedicated practitioners closely match exercise levels to your individual condition, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the entire process. This means that even those who face physical limitations can often find a suitable way to benefit from this remarkable therapy.

At The Cardiff Wellness Lounge, our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional EWOT experience that promotes well-being.

Option for seated therapy

Seated Oxygen Therapy may provide relief for conditions such as mild fatigue, stress, and low energy levels. It can aid in enhancing mental clarity, promoting relaxation, and supporting overall well-being.

Seated Oxygen Therapy offers a serene 30-minute session where you'll be enveloped by a cocoon of concentrated oxygen from our specialised reservoir. Inhale deeply as the oxygen flows, creating a serene ambiance that invites you to unwind and restore balance.

seated therapy

Altitude for hikers

Calling All Adventurers: Test Your Altitude Prowess with Our Altitude Systems! Are you an ardent hiker seeking to conquer new heights? Our altitude systems provide the perfect platform to evaluate your readiness for high-altitude treks. By simulating the conditions of elevated altitudes, our systems enable you to gauge your body's response to reduced oxygen levels, essential for mountainous environments. Train smart and hike strong with The Cardiff Wellness Lounge.


Pure Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT):

Unlock the Potential of Focused Hypoxic Training with Pure Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) at The Cardiff Wellness Lounge.


Step into a world of targeted fitness enhancement with our Pure Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) sessions. Stripped down to its essence, this offering provides a highly concentrated hypoxic training experience.

How It Works:

  1. Focused Hypoxic Exposure: Immerse yourself in cycles of low-oxygen air, triggering your body's natural adaptive responses. This concentrated hypoxic exposure aims to enhance oxygen utilisation, cardiovascular fitness, and overall endurance.

  2. Personalised Approach: Our expert trainers curate IHT sessions tailored to your fitness goals and current capabilities. This personalised approach ensures that you gain the maximum benefits from each session.

  3. Optimised Recovery: The absence of additional systems allows for a pure focus on the hypoxic training stimulus. This may lead to enhanced recovery and adaptation.


  • Amplified Oxygen Utilisation

  • Enhanced Endurance

  • Cardiovascular Fitness Boost

  • Customised Training Experience

Who Is It For:

Pure IHT sessions cater to individuals seeking a hypoxic training experience. Whether you're an athlete aiming for peak performance or someone dedicated to personal fitness goals, Pure IHT offers a streamlined approach to optimising your workout.

At The Cardiff Wellness Lounge, we're dedicated to providing you with versatile fitness solutions. Explore the realm of focused hypoxic training and its direct impact on your fitness journey. Book your Pure Intermittent Hypoxic Training session today and experience the power of targeted training like never before.

High-Low: Oxygen-Enhanced Fitness Transformation:

Experience the cutting edge of fitness innovation with our signature "High-Low" program at The Cardiff Wellness Lounge. This unique service fuses the power of altitude variations and Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) for a transformative fitness journey like no other.


How It Works:

  1. Altitude Oxygen Adjustment: Begin by entering our specially designed altitude chamber. Precisely modulating oxygen, we simulate high-altitude conditions, challenging your body to adapt to lower oxygen levels.

  2. Oxygen-Boosted Exercise: Transition seamlessly to our cutting-edge EWOT system. Utilising a specialised oxygen mask, engage in exercise sessions while breathing enriched oxygen levels. This optimises oxygen utilisation, enhancing workout efficiency.

  3. High-Low Cycles: Alternate between simulated low-oxygen phases and oxygen-boosted exercise, creating a dynamic fitness environment that amplifies physiological responses.


  • Enhanced Oxygen Utilisation: Maximise breath efficiency for improved endurance and energy.

  • Adaptive Conditioning: Challenge your body's response to changing oxygen levels, fostering adaptability.

  • Cardiovascular Amplification: Elevate cardiovascular fitness through altitude variations and oxygen-rich exercise synergy.

Who Is It For:

The "High-Low" programme suits fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone seeking a comprehensive fitness experience that pushes boundaries.

How will my appointment go?

Beginning an oxygen and altitude therapy experience at The Cardiff Wellness Lounge? Here's what to expect during your visit:

  1. Arrival & Check-In: Upon your arrival, our welcoming staff will check you in and confirm your pre-booked therapy – whether it's EWOT, seated oxygen therapy, or altitude training.

  2. Consultation: Before we start, our experienced therapist will chat with you. This ensures that, even though you've chosen your therapy, the session aligns with your specific needs and any questions you might have are answered.

  3. Settling In: Next, we'll guide you to our Therapy Lounge. For those who've chosen EWOT or altitude with exercise option, you'll meet our state-of-the-art Peloton bike.

  4. The Session: It's time to embark on your therapy. From experiencing the heightened atmosphere of altitude training to feeling the enhanced flow of oxygen in EWOT or the calm of seated oxygen therapy, every session is designed to benefit both mind and body.

  5. Post-Session Relaxation: After your therapy, take a moment in our lounge area to hydrate and reflect on your session.

  6. Feedback & Recommendations: We value your input. Share with us your thoughts on the experience, and our therapists might offer insights or suggestions for future sessions.

  7. Schedule Your Next Session: If today's session felt beneficial, think about booking your next visit before you leave. Regular sessions can enhance and maintain the positive effects of our therapies.

At The Cardiff Wellness Lounge, we're committed to your well-being and ensuring each visit leaves you feeling refreshed and content.




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