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Revive Lounge

Our unique Revive Lounge has just launched at David Lloyd Leisure Centre, in collaboration with Gents Of Brooklyn Cardiff.

Please note: When you book the Revive Lounge you have access to all therapies below with no extra cost.

Check out our amazing therapies on offer, or book here:

The Revive Lounge – Advanced Therapeutic Technologies

Welcome to The Wellness Lounge, your sanctuary of tranquility and advanced therapeutic care. Nestled in the heart of Cardiff, we offer an array of cutting-edge therapies designed to cater to your body's every need, ensuring a journey to peak physical well-being and relaxation.

Our Transformative Therapies


Embrace the transformative power of percussive therapy with the Theragun Prime. Rapid bursts of pressure work to soothe muscle tension, encourage blood flow, and speed up muscle recovery. Ideal for athletes and those with daily discomfort, the Theragun Prime is your companion for a deep muscle treatment.

Red Light Therapy Panel

Step into the light with our Red Light Therapy Panel, designed to invigorate your skin's natural healing process. This innovative therapy promotes cellular repair, collagen production, and inflammation reduction for holistic recovery.

2 x Normatec Pressotherapy

Elevate leg health with our Normatec Pressotherapy. This treatment boosts circulation and alleviates leg tension, refreshing your stride and invigorating your step.

Venom Compression and Heat

Targeted relief comes in the form of our Venom 2 Wrap. Offering left and right shoulder options, these wraps provide a combination of heat and vibration to melt away muscle stress.

Cold Compression

Discover the chilling relief of the Dr Aktive Cold Compression system. It's specially crafted to combat inflammation and pain, promoting swift recovery from physical exertion or injury.

RecoveryTherm Cube

Versatile and portable, the RecoveryTherm Cube delivers immediate cold, heat, or contrast therapy for an all-encompassing approach to pain relief and muscle recuperation.

Therabody Smart Goggles

Immerse in a bespoke relaxation journey with the Therabody Smart Goggles. Harnessing your biometric data, these goggles customise treatments for a deeply personal relaxation experience.

RecoverTherm Core and Back

Customise your comfort with our RecoveryTherm Hot Vibration for Back and Core, featuring adjustable heat and vibration settings to cater to your body’s needs.

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