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Discover the transformative power of pressotherapy at The Wellness Lounge. This advanced treatment utilises controlled compression techniques to optimise blood circulation, alleviate swelling, and facilitate efficient lymphatic drainage. Whether you're an athlete looking for improved post-workout recovery or someone seeking elevated well-being, our pressotherapy offers a holistic approach to body wellness. Experience the benefits alone or make it a shared experience by booking a dual session. Elevate your wellness journey with pressotherapy today.


Unveil a new realm of relaxation and well-being with our cutting-edge Pressotherapy service. Our state-of-the-art machines from both Normatec and Pulsio provide targeted, controlled compression to help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and enhance lymphatic drainage. Each session lasts for 45 blissful minutes, offering a holistic approach to wellness that is ideal for both athletes and anyone seeking to elevate their well-being.

Pricing is as accessible as the experience itself—hire one machine for just £25, or bring a friend and enjoy two machines for £40. Your session takes place in a private relaxation space, fully equipped to make your experience as serene as possible. Complimentary teas, coffees, and snacks are available to make your visit even more enjoyable.

Don't miss this opportunity to unwind and recharge; book your Pressotherapy session today.

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