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Discover the transformative power of pressotherapy at The Wellness Lounge. 

We're delighted to showcase our Normatec recovery systems, renowned for their unparalleled pressotherapy benefits. Whether you're looking to enhance circulation, speed up recovery, or simply indulge in a moment of tranquil relaxation, our Normatec range is tailored to meet everyone's needs.

Your Tailored Recovery Experience with Normatec’s Comprehensive Range

  • Leg Recovery: Our selection includes Normatec's advanced leg recovery devices, available in various sizes to ensure a perfect match for everyone. Choose from our regular-sized leg devices for an all-encompassing experience or opt for our small leg device for a more personalised fit. (Note we have 1 x small legs and plenty of regular)

  • Innovative Arm Recovery: Broadening our offering, we now proudly provide the Normatec Arm device, a cutting-edge solution crafted to refresh your arms through the science of pressotherapy. Ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone seeking alleviation from arm tiredness and soreness.

Hire a Pulsio device for a week

You can also hire a Pulsio device to take with you for a week. See more details here.


Unveil a new realm of relaxation and well-being with our cutting-edge Pressotherapy service. Our state-of-the-art machines from both Normatec and Pulsio provide targeted, controlled compression to help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and enhance lymphatic drainage. Each session lasts for 45 blissful minutes, offering a holistic approach to wellness that is ideal for both athletes and anyone seeking to elevate their well-being.

Pricing is as accessible as the experience itself—hire one machine for just £25, or bring a friend and enjoy two machines for £40. Your session takes place in a private relaxation space, fully equipped to make your experience as serene as possible. Complimentary teas, coffees, and snacks are available to make your visit even more enjoyable.

Don't miss this opportunity to unwind and recharge; book your Pressotherapy session today.

Hiring our Pulsio

Hire the device for one week at a time

Pulsio Leg Device Rental

Experience the pinnacle of recovery with our Pulsio Leg Device rental service. Designed to elevate your wellness journey, our rental option allows you to access professional-grade recovery technology without the commitment of ownership.

How It Works: Rent the Pulsio Leg Device for just £30 per week and immerse yourself in the benefits of targeted leg therapy. Whether you're an athlete recovering from intense training or seeking relief from everyday discomfort, the Pulsio Leg Device offers a solution tailored to your needs.


  • Advanced Recovery: Utilising state-of-the-art technology, the Pulsio Leg Device delivers deep tissue massage and compression therapy, aiding in muscle recovery and promoting circulation.

  • Customisable Experience: With adjustable intensity levels and multiple massage modes, you can personalise your therapy session to suit your preferences and recovery goals.

  • Convenience: Our rental service provides a hassle-free solution for short-term recovery needs, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the Pulsio Leg Device on your terms and schedule.

Book Your Rental: Ready to experience the transformative benefits of the Pulsio Leg Device?

Click below, check out via Fresha and we will reach out to help you collect the device. Please note that if the device shows in stock you can hire, and must pick up your hire within 3 days.

If you need to book ahead we can take a deposit. 


Pulsio Hire
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