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The Project explained

The recovery lounge will be the very first bespoke athletic recovery lounge in the UK, designed specifically to help people relax, recover and refresh their bodies and mental health. 

The Recovery Lounge will offer individuals the ability to hire a room for a set time and be able to use all of the equipment in the room.

We will introduce and add equipment over the year, but at launch will feature cold and hot therapy using the cold plunge system and sauna. 

Ice and heat packs, massage guns, yoga mats, and other recovery-related items will be added over time after we introduce Red Light Therapy, and  Compression or Pressotherapy boots.

Ice Tub/Plunge

We will be bringing you a dedicated Ice Bath, with full filtration and cooling systems to chill you down to temperatures as low as 3 degrees. The Plunge will be introduced in phases, with refrigeration systems being added later. 

Russian bath. Font with ice water in the winter forest.jpg

Infrared Sauna

Our sauna will enable you to use Infrared technology, as well as colour therapy to benefit both body and mind! Both this and the ice plunge are planned for phase 1. 

a small wooden infrarered sauna booth in a spa.jpg


Planned for phase 2 we will introduce pressotherapy compression boots and over time increase these to full body systems. 

A man undergoes a pressotherapy treatment in an aesthetic clinic to relax his legs..jpg

Red Light Therapy

We will be introducing Red Light therapies in a dedicated area for all the fantastic benefits that you can gain from this awesome treatment. This is likely to be phase 3 of our project.

Full frame of red lights concept for recovery and rehabilitation therapy, skincare healing

Additional tools

Massage guns, body part-specific ice/heat packs, foam rollers, yoga mats and more will be introduced over the phases to allow for a seamless recovery protocol! 

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