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Massage Services

Welcome to our range of massage and wellness services. We believe that everyone is different and has their own path to wellness. That's why we offer a wide variety of massage therapies. We have everything from traditional techniques to more unique options. We also offer luxurious treatments and therapies that help with deep emotional healing. Each of our treatments can be changed to fit your personal needs. Whether you're looking for relaxation, renewal, relief from pain or deeper emotional healing, we have something for you. Have a look at the different types of treatments we offer below to find the one that suits you best.

Our Classics category includes time-honoured favourites like Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Cupping Therapy, and Arms, Hands, and Shoulder Massage. These therapies offer a balanced blend of relaxation and muscle tension release. Ideal for both regular sessions and those new to massage. More info here.

For a distinct approach to relief and relaxation, explore our Specialist treatments. This category offers Maderotherapy (Wooden Massage), Seated Indian Head Massage, and Cupping Lymphatic Drainage. These unique techniques provide targeted therapy tailored to your needs. Click here for more.

Experience the unconventional with our Unique treatments. This range features the Himalayan Salt Spa, F*ck Valentines, Valentines - All for Me, and St Valentines Special. If you're seeking a novel sensory journey, this category is sure to intrigue and refresh. Click here for more. 

Ensure your health and wellness journey is on the right track with our detailed assessments. From a targeted body area check to a full wellness evaluation, we guide your future treatments for optimal results. Click on our Assessment menu to understand more about our offerings and their costs. Click here for more. 

Elevate your massage experience with our Luxurious treatments, featuring Hot Stone Massage, Warm Candle Massage, Bamboo Massage, Contrast Therapy, and Lomi Lomi Massage. This range goes beyond traditional techniques, infusing your session with unique elements for a truly indulgent escape. Click for more info. 

The Floorwork massages, including Floorwork Massage Thai Inspired, Welsh Hula, Trauma and Touch Therapy, and Maluhia Massage, bring a new dimension to traditional massage therapy. Using a floor mat, therapists can employ body weight and gravity to provide a more intensive massage experience. Click here for more.

In our Therapeutic category, therapies like Trauma Touch Therapy and Breathwork Facilitated Massage focus on fostering emotional healing as well as physical relief. These sessions are designed for those dealing with stress, trauma, or seeking a space for deep-seated tension release and self-care. Click here for more.

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