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My Background

Hi there!

I'm Paul and I have been working in the wellness world for a long time now. 

I have been a personal trainer, coach, massage therapist, sports therapist, mental health therapist, breathwork facilitator and more. I love helping people and I've created The Lounge to help people achieve their optimum relaxation in life!


My Approach

I truly believe that to achieve wellness we need to work on more than one thing, and often time is a factor. 

This is why I am bringing to you a place where you can relax, recover and refresh in a time-efficient way, maximising your wellness.

Palm Massage

Whether you value massage, sauna, cold immersion, red light, infrared, yoga, mindfulness, counselling or just unwinding I am bringing to you the one venue where you can get all of these things and more!

The Lounge will be opening in November for phase one with a Massage and Therapy Lounge for holistic massage, sports massage and mental health therapies.


In January we will open our Recovery Lounge which will host the first permanent cold water and heat immersion therapy in Cardiff.

With a sauna and cold plunge pool, you will be able to bathe in the ice-cold waters before jumping back in the sauna to heat up!

Phase 3 from March 2023 will bring to you pressotherapy, red light therapy, and a host of wellness and recovery products from foam rollers, yoga mats, and ice packs, to mindfulness meditation zones and more!

We cannot wait to open our doors, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to keep updated on the progress!

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