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A Halloween Experience Like No Other

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Trick or Treatment: A Halloween Experience Like No Other at The Wellness Lounge

When: Sunday 29th October & Tuesday 31st October (Halloween)

Are you ready for a massage experience that's out of this world? This Halloween, The Massage Lounge invites you to join us for an unforgettable 'Trick or Treatment' event.

What is Trick or Treatment?

Imagine stepping into a sanctuary where Halloween magic meets top-notch wellness services. We combine our highly-regarded massage treatments with delightful surprises or playful tricks, offering an event you won't find anywhere else.

How Does It Work?

  1. Book Your Session: Our specially curated massage has been designed by Paul to give you the ultimate experience. Lomi lomi massage infused with Indian head massage and thai foot massage.

  2. Pick Your Fate: Upon arrival, you'll draw two envelopes, each containing either a 'trick' or a 'treatment' to be incorporated into your massage.

  3. Experience the Unexpected: Whether it's a sudden temperature shift via our expertly applied hot and cold stones, a refreshing cooling spray, or a moment of high-intensity relief with a percussion massage gun, each trick and treatment promises a unique twist.

Special extras:

  • Post-Massage Ritual: Every session concludes with 10 minutes relaxation therapy.

  • Sage Farewell: Before you go, we will perform a sage burn ritual to cleanse and uplift your spirit.

Booking & Pricing

  • Cost: This special event is priced at £80, a small premium over our regular rates, for a hugely enhanced experience.

  • Limited Availability: Spots are limited, so book now to secure your session.

  • Book by clicking the slots below.


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