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31st August - Introducing: The Four Hands Deep Tissue Massage Experience

Updated: Aug 26, 2023


At The Cardiff Wellness Lounge, our core ethos revolves around innovation, transformation, and a sincere dedication to the art of wellness. We're thrilled to announce our latest offering - the Four Hands Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage on the 31st August 2023.

Paul Jenkins, with his illustrious trajectory from sports massage, through holistic therapies, to leading as a head tutor at a massage training school, embodies a deep understanding and love for the craft. His techniques span a spectrum, from lomi lomi to hot stones, Swedish, and cupping, each perfected over years of practice and passion.

In this novel experience, Paul teams up with Zoe, a passionate newcomer to the world of massage therapy. Her fresh perspective and enthusiasm, coupled with Paul’s seasoned expertise, combine to create a harmonious and balanced Four Hands Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage.

Why Experience the Four Hands Massage?

Dual Dynamics: This isn’t merely about twice the hands; it's about amalgamating the energy, skill, and techniques of two therapists. The mix of Paul's depth of experience and Zoe's fresh techniques promises a unique relaxation journey.

Holistic Healing: Four hands ensure comprehensive coverage. Experience a wholesome treatment, ensuring all stress points are catered to, culminating in a profound release of tension.

Elevated Sensory Journey: Step into a realm where two therapists guide you through a rhythmic dance of touch and technique, offering a richer sensory experience.

An Exclusive Opportunity!

We're ecstatic to launch this experience with a special event on Thursday, 31st. In celebration, we're offering this 1 hour and 15 minutes session, usually priced at £140, for a promotional price of just £80. Yet, with just 5 slots for this debut event, promptness is of the essence.

Given the anticipated enthusiasm from our community, we're contemplating hosting this as a monthly delight. Hence, if you can't join us this month, the next opportunity may be a month away!

Secure your slot for this one-of-a-kind massage journey. Your well-being beckons.

Click below to buy your slot, items showing out of stock mean they are already booked, we will update the page as soon as we can by removing availability that has been booked.

21:45-22:00 - SOLD OUT

19:15-20:30 - SOLD OUT

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16:45-18:00 - Sold out

15:30-16:45 - Sold out

12:00-13:15 - Sold out

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More may be added soon.

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