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Introducing Our New EWOT System: A Breath of Fresh Air

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

We're excited to announce our latest addition to The Cardiff Wellness Lounge: the Exercise With Oxygen Training (EWOT) system. We discovered EWOT through various wellness podcasts and were immediately drawn to its potential benefits.

What's EWOT?

Simply put, EWOT is about breathing in higher levels of oxygen whilst exercising. By doing so, your body can experience a range of benefits.

Benefits Backed by Studies

Here's what research says about EWOT:

  • Brain Boost: Some studies suggest that EWOT can improve memory and attention. That's probably because our brains love a good dose of oxygen!

  • Better Athletic Performance: Athletes might find they can exercise longer with less fatigue. Recovery times after workouts might also be shorter.

  • Help with Chronic Conditions: Some people with conditions like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia have reported feeling better after using EWOT.

  • More Energy: This one's straightforward. More oxygen means our body can function better, giving us more stamina.

  • Good for Your Skin: There's some early evidence to suggest that EWOT might promote healthier skin.

Starting with EWOT at Our Lounge

If you're new to EWOT, we recommend starting with an initial lifestyle and health check. This way, we can tailor the session to you. Some might prefer starting with just the oxygen therapy before adding in exercises on our Peloton bike.

Our Pricing

We've priced our EWOT sessions to cater to everyone:

  • 30 minutes for £30

  • 45 minutes for £45

  • 60 minutes for £60

Something More: Altitude Training System

We're also introducing an altitude training system at The Cardiff Wellness Lounge. So now, there's a dedicated space for all things oxygen and altitude!

Look out for our upcoming videos and photos showcasing our EWOT system. If you think EWOT might be a good fit for you or someone you know, don't hesitate to share the news!

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