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Monthly Update and Exclusive Massage Offers at Cardiff Wellness Lounge

It's been a while since I updated the blog, and while I normally aim for a blog a month, I missed the deadline in May. So much has been happening here at The Wellness Lounge, so sit down, grab a cuppa, and read this to keep updated with the recent updates and learn about our very exciting Massage of the Month spa deal!

Let's start with some of the changes. This month, we have welcomed Waiyee into the lounge. She will be working on Tuesdays between 10:15 - 15:00. Waiyee specialises in sports massage therapies and is a great addition to our team. We have also taken over our third room and are in the process of turning it into a haven of wellness. This new space will offer a relaxing area after your massage, as well as stations for pressotherapy and red light therapy. We have recently acquired three amazing red light panels that cover most of the body, and we're thrilled to share that we've even acquired Normatec pressotherapy boots from none other than Josh Navidi!

The Recovery Lounge is looking fantastic, and if you want to see some of the recent building pictures, head over to Instagram @theLoungeCDF. There, you can catch a glimpse of the work we did last night. We are now waiting until the weekend for an electric power down of the floor so that all our electrics can be certified and installed, ready for our big opening. We are nearly ready to launch, with the only missing item being the ice bath, which is still being built and expected to arrive with us around mid-June.

The Opening - When we open, we will be inviting you to come and check out the rooms, have a drink and some food on us, and sample some of our equipment to help you recover and relax.

Now, back to massage, it's time for the Massage of the Month! With summer suddenly here, we wanted to offer something different this month. We have two options for Massage spa deals, and both are great! The first is the Aloe Vera and Body Scrub Massage, called Sun-Kissed Glow Massage, which is great for cleansing the skin and getting it ready to take on the sun! This massage treatment starts with a body scrub and then continues with a massage using coconut oils and aloe vera to help condition your skin. Finish off with 30 minutes under the red light!

The second treatment is the Welsh Hula! Inspired by my all-time favourite Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, this deal is a Lomi Lomi full-body massage, followed by a mini aromatherapy treatment to truly inspire the senses.

Get booking here!

Thanks for reading this month's blog!

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